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Welcome Q Miroslav Hlubinka Cook

Please join us in welcoming Q Miroslav Hlubinka Cook to our home and the planet.

Q landed at 1:56am on 29 September 2009 (his actual due date!), at the same hospital (which we know as an interplanetary teleportation point) used by his brother Ion Rajmundo 1 year + 9 months + 9 days ago.

You can see pictures of the little guy online here:

Q weighed in at  9 lbs., 9 oz. (4.3kg), and he measured 22.8 inches (58 cm) long. Maminka, miminko, Daddy, and Ion are all healthy.

Special thanks to our friends Denise, her kids Sophia and Oliver, Victoria, Jila & son Milo, Valerie & Michelle G who helped take care of Ion while we labored, pushed, and waited, both at home and at the hospital. Also a big thanks to our new friends Michelle E, Beah, and Ellah who coached us through the birth with calm and wisdom.

Gifts:  We have everything we need, thanks! But if you’re local, consider dropping off a meal or coming by to entertain little orphan Ion, both very welcome presents / presences.


About Q’s name:

Q” (pronounced “kyoo”) was chosen by brother Ion from a collection of foam alphabet letters back in April as a favorite, which thereafter appeared in unusual places around the house. Maminka mentioned it as an interesting name to Daddy, recalling fondly the inventive character from 007 films she watched with her own dad, who was a big Bond fan. Daddy was reminded of the “mischievous” and “omnipotent” character in the Star Trek universe. We have since also learned that “kyu” means “9” in Japanese, appropriate for a boy born in year nine (whose weight and “apgar scores” were all full of 9s too, as our midwives were pround to point out.) We’ve also noted that a cursive Q looks a lot like a “2,” which we thought, for a second-born, had appropriate symbolism as well.

(We were surprised to learn today that a Swedish couple has been fighting for the right to name their son “Q” for many months now! )

Miroslav” (pronounced “MEE-roh-slahv”), a very common name among Czechs, means something akin to “peacelover.” There are MANY nicknames for Miroslavs around throughout Central and Eastern Europe, but we’ll likely use Miro, Mirek, and Mirko most of all. We liked the connection to the playful artist Miró, as well as the funny coincidence that the name combines “Mi” and “Ro”, from Q’s parents’ names. Along with “peace,” “Mir” can also mean “world” (at least in Russian, although “vesmir” is “universe” in Czech.) The name’s meaning is not unlike older brother’s middle name “Rajmundo”, incidentally. Strangely, the name is also related to various forms of Fred. You can read up on the name (and see that list of nicknames as well as obscure namesakes) with these links:řestní_jméno)ławální:PrefixIndex/MiroslavМирослав

Hlubinka” (pronounced “HLOO-bean-kah”, or Michelle-style “hloo-BEAN-kah”)  is Michelle’s last name but a second middle name for Q. It means “little deep thing.”

Cook” (pronounced “kook”) has been Robert’s family name for several generations, since being changed from the original Swiss-German “Koch”.


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